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Drop of price / m2


Year 2013 in Novi Sad started with new apartments price drop down to 1000 EUR. What was just last year  1300-1500 EUR/m2 for sale, today one squre meter of a flat in brand new building is between 1000 to 1200 EUR per square meter. House prices in Novi Sad went down as well, however all depend on house location and neighborhood.

Talking to investment companies and constructors, they believe prices will stay in this range because of material cost, permits, and utility cost increased...

UPDATE March 9 2014.
Prices drop some more, now it is possible to buy m2 of apartment as low as 950 EUR, of course not in downtown Novi Sad...


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Our City


In Novi Sad, even the sky is no limit! So sometimes EXIT Festival visitors should look up to see some of the most beautiful buildings and architectural designs.



Danube River
Water Level


Danube-level NOVI SAD

Water Stage 100 cm
Water temp. 7 °C

Updated: Mar. 10, 2014


Featured Listings


Novi Sad Expo
Novi Sad Sajam

Novi Sad Agricultural Fair Accommodation is available here.

Novosadski Sajam kuce, stanovi i sobe za izdavanje kliknite ovde.


Hot Property in Novi Sad



Be among the first ones to get best place for your holiday in Novi Sad and close to the party. Look at all available accommodation with many discounted ones. Check this page often for new accommodation deals.
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 Office For Rent!

Novi Sad downtown 270 m2 office ideal for Call Center with optical cable. Located in quiet street, with network of city busses connections, number of shops and bakeries close by. This is an ideal location and price value. Long term rental only, click on image below to see more

Ribnjak land

450 m2 of Paradise! Gorgeous view of Novi Sad, Danube River with Freedom bridge, Rainbow bridge and Petrovaradin Fortress. Direct access from Kamenicki road, magnificent location. Click on image below for more details ...

EXIT Festival 2014, Petrovaradin Fortress - Novi Sad 270m2 office for rent - Novi Sad ribnjak-land.jpg


Novi Sad Properties

Overlooking Novi Sad

This 600 square meter villa with a swimming pool and a Basketball court is for long term rental only. Ideal for corporate office as it has a large conference room with a balcony that has a stunning view of Novi Sad and... 

Lux Apartments + office space

Novi Sad epicenter 2 -two bedroom apartments plus office space with all amenities included is ready for executives to buy. All together 660 m2 is available in down town Novi Sad for fair price considering location and furnishings. Private elevator + parking space...

Apartments  with pool

In Petrovaradin, only 2 km from Novi Sad centre there are 12 flats for rent for short or long term and during EXIT Festival. With swimming pool in yard and great hosts. Ideal for big groups, up to 35 people. Click on image below to see our first seven apartments.

01-villa-trandzament.jpg lux-apartment.jpg exit-apartments-with-pool.jpg


Novi Sad land and weekend houses for sale:



More people are looking for land in Petrovaradin, Sremska Kamenica, Veternik and the surrounding areas, so we have decided to do all the leg work and find you the mostsuitable land plots for your holiday home, or just a 'weekend house' as we call it in Novi Sad.
More people are looking for investment land as prices are considerably lower than for apartments, so ROI is faster.

Click here to go directly to 'land for sale' pages, or click on the pictures above to see our featured land listings.


Our Firm and Our Mission


Novi Sad Property specializes in the sale and purchase of Single Family Homes, Multi Family Homes, Townhouses, Condos, Land, Commercial Properties, and New Constructions within the city of Novi Sad, areas in its proximity, and more widely in the Province of Vojvodina.
Our mission is to provide professional real estate services to our customers and clients.  All real estate transactions handled through us are guaranteed.  We aim to serve with a 100% rate of Customer Satisfaction. 
A very important aspect of our services is the free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), which allows the seller to price the property competitively in today’s market.  Even in this aspect of the real estate transaction we play close attention to our clients’ needs and desires.  Setting our standards higher and putting our customers at the top of our hierarchy when providing services results in satisfied and repeat customers.
We extend and guarantee flexible, dependable, and professional real estate transactions to all our services and clients.
Your Novi Sad Property Team


We Fulfill Real Estate Wishes!


Our firm has been answering real estate questions 24/7 since 2006.  You can trust us to provide you with professional real estate advice, whether you are investing, starting a business, purchasing, selling, renting, building, or renovating.

All necessary documentation required in a real estate transaction is handled by our professionally trained and certified Real Estate Agents and Brokers.  We also explain processes so that you can see through the ‘jungle’ involved in a real estate transaction.
Feel free to share your real estate wishes with us (location, size, price, etc.).

You will be provided extensive offers and individualized service.

Your Novi Sad Property Team!

What is going on with the property market in Novi Sad?


I have to write this, as I just cannot believe what is going on with the property market in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, and Serbia in the last few months. It all started in September 2007 when we had three foreign investors contacting us to find land in Novi Sad on which to build commercial and residential real estate. That was good news after the slow summer days.

Then, October and November brought twelve more investors from abroad looking for real estate on which to build shopping malls, factories, trading outlets, high-rise commercial buildings and residential buildings (one was even interested in buying a whole section of the old town), and so on.
Great, isn’t it? Yes! It is great for city development, the expansion of businesses, the expansion of tourism, and more employment opportunities, to name just a few.  However, I asked myself. What is going on, that they (the investors) know that we don’t know?
Read more on our blog What is going on with property market in Novi Sad full text



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Should you uncover such breaches on competitors advertising please feel free to contact us at  We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for your support.

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To see Novi Sad featured properties of the month please click on the picture below. Novi Sad living is getting hot with all new real estate for rent or sale.


Novi Sad EXPO

More apartments are on the way for Novi Sad EXPO / Novi Sad Fair. Every day our agents are searching for the closest apartments to EXPO grounds. If you have some special request for your EXPO accommodation, do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to find you right accommodation for one of many Fairs in Novi Sad.

Novi Sad Pictures

Look at Novi Sad images in our blog photo album by clicking here .  For pictures of Novi Sad Beach click here.

SNP Theatre

Click on the Serbian National Theatre (SNP = Srpsko Narodno Pozoriste) logo to see programme.

Novi Sad Map

Look at the Novi Sad interactive map, or download it. Soon, we will create a new, extended map with more city details and information about hot-spots in town.




On same page you can download Vojvodina map as well.


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